Fabian Society Talk on British Identity Politics

Following the Brexit vote on 23 June 2016 and the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America, there has been a rise in reported hate crime, often racially-orientated, in Britain and the USA.
But what role did identity politics play in the Brexit referendum outcome and how will this relatively new phenomenon shape politics in 2017 and beyond?
Does it signal that Europe and North America are swerving away from multiculturalism, and if so, what does this mean?
On the one hand some commentators argue that almost all political ideas and activity can be viewed through the lens of identity, whereas others posit that the entire topic is a distraction and we should instead focus on core economic and social issues such as jobs and housing.
The panel included Nesrine Malik, who writes for a number of publications including The Guardian and is a regular broadcaster, Roma Tearne, a novellist, film maker and artist and Ella Whelan is assistant editor at Spiked and co-convenor of spiked’s campaign Invoke Article 50 NOW!
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